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Sectors: Energy, Financial Services, Water
Themes: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Gender and Social Inclusion, Leadership


Delivering sustainability through finance

ZeniZeni Sustainable Finance exists to solve the critical sustainability issues facing our clients in the finance and financing sectors, both large and small.  We see finance as an integral part of any economy and a key tool in delivering sustainable growth and development.  This unique, integrative approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.

We provide a broad range of services and solutions to governments, financial institutions, development banks, funds and NGOs that help them harness finance to deliver sustainable development.



Make Big Ideas Work

Are you in the finance sector and want to take that giant leap with your strategy that will take you further along the path of sustainability but need an independent expert to guide you through the process?  Do you need help selling your bold idea to the powers that be on your board or your executive management? Draw on our insights and passion for sustainable finance to make your big idea work.

Financial Advisory Services

Attract Financing

We provide deal support for deals in Africa, from origination and scoping through to financial close.  This includes structuring, developing financial models, publishing project information memoranda and negotiating terms.  Our high-level expertise and focus on sustainability issues results in robust, sustainable deals that are attractive to financiers looking for development impact.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Programme Development

Deliver Results

We have years of experience in managing programmes, applying the latest thinking in project management, building and motivating teams and monitoring progress for impact.  We know that sustainable finance projects are rarely linear, which is why we include regular evaluation in our programme support offering.  Let Zenizeni help you deliver effective programmes, again and again.

Research and Advocacy

Understand and Influence

The world of sustainable finance is ever-changing, bringing exciting opportunities, real challenges, risks and rewards. Use ZeniZeni's research expertise to understand the drivers in the sector.

We can help you use this knowledge and understanding to advocate for strategies that use finance as a lever for sustainable change.

Market Analysis
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Our clients

NGOs, Private sector, Government, Bilateral donors

ZeniZeni is privileged to have worked with a broad range of organisations, including:

  • African Development Bank

  • Alliance for Financial Inclusion

  • Alternative Prosperity (part of the African Rainbow Capital Group)

  • Alternative Prosperity Foundation

  • Botswana Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

  • Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF)

  • DAI

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

  • South African National Department of Environmental Affairs

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Tel: +27760258382

Skype: malangomughogho

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About Us

Zenizeni began in 2016 with a single mission: to use the power of sustainable finance to address Africa's development challenges.  Zeni Zeni is a Chichewa phrase from Malawi, the home country of the founder, Malango Mughogho, that means 'the real thing' or 'truth'.  Malango has seen a negative side of finance during her decades working in the sector but has also seen what the sector can deliver when working with sustainability in mind.  Drawing on this knowledge and experience, ZeniZeni exists to deliver home-grown, globally-informed finance solutions to its clients.

ZeniZeni works on a partnership model that allows us to retain a lean, core team and bring in the expertise needed on a case-by-case basis.  Whether you're an established financial institution, a start-up needing guidance or a project with ambitious financing goals, we can work with you to create sustainable financing solutions that really work.

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