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Reshaping finance to make it sustainable 

ZeniZeni Sustainable Finance works to change the way financing decisions are made, so that all finance leads to beneficial results. 



ZeniZeni Sustainable Finance is an Africa-based globally-focused ‘think and do tank’. We provide perspectives and solutions to our clients and partners that deliver sustainability through finance.

We see finance as an integral part of any economy and a key tool in delivering sustainable growth and development. And as such, we also see the need for the financial sector itself to move towards a state of sustainable equilibrium. In our view, this state of sustainable finance is where the financial sector is fully accountable for its actions, is led by transformative and ethical leaders, has the skills and capacity to work sustainably and is guided - and held in check - by an effective advocacy network of organisations and individuals.

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What We Do

Solutions to put sustainability at the heart of the financial system
Evidence-based policy

Recommendations to advise institutions, individuals and governments in Africa and the world.  

Kid's Playing Outdoor
Evidence-based research

to understand the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing world of sustainable finance and advocate for pragmatic approaches to sustainable finance.

Worlds End South Africa
Financial Advisory

to achieve robust, sustainable deals that are attractive to financiers looking for development impact. 

Apartment Complex Landscaping
Strategic Advisory

to help organizations develop and execute finance-related strategies. 

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What We Think

Perspectives for change
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Who We Are

ZeniZeni works on a partnership model that allows us to retain a lean, core team and bring in the expertise through strategic partners as and when needed.

Our team
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Dr. Magalie Masamba

Senior Associate

Dr. Magalie  Masamba is a law and policy advisor who is passionate about Africa’s development. Magalie advises on global economic governance, sovereign debt, climate finance, and infrastructure development (resilient infrastructure, infrastructure financing, and public-private partnerships). 

Malango Mughogho

Founder and Managing Director 

Malango founded ZeniZeni Sustainable Finance to help solve the critical sustainability issues facing players in the finance and financing sectors in a wide range of development contexts.  She has over 20 years’ experience in the field of sustainable finance, with expertise spanning, policy programming, research, financing and systemic change.

Nicole Halleen


Nicole is ZeniZeni’s communications co-ordination and business administration associate. She brings over 20 years’ experience in problem solving for South African, US and UK-based companies, including Amazon, Age UK and EMI Music.

Ellen Hagerman

Senior Associate:

Gender and Social Inclusion

Ellen Hagerman is a highly experienced Senior Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) expert. She provides strategic guidance and technical assistance, develops tools and initiatives, and has extensive experience in gender impact assessments and strategy development.

Our strategic partners
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