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ZeniZeni Sustainable Finance exists to solve the critical sustainability issues facing our clients in the finance and financing sectors, both large and small.  We see finance as an integral part of any economy and a key tool in delivering sustainable growth and development.  This unique, integrative approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. 

We provide a targeted range of services and solutions to governments, financial institutions, development banks, funds and NGOs that help them harness finance to deliver sustainable development. 


ZeniZeni Sustainable Finance began in 2018 with a single mission: to use the power of sustainable finance to address Africa's development challenges.  Malango, ZeniZeni’s founder, has seen a negative side of finance during her decades working in the sector but has also seen what the sector can deliver when working with sustainability in mind.  Drawing on this knowledge and experience, ZeniZeni exists to deliver home-grown, globally-informed finance solutions to its clients. 

What’s in a name (and a logo)? 

Zeni Zeni is a Chichewa phrase from Malawi, Malango's home country, that means 'the real thing' or 'truth'. Our logo also reflects transparency: it represents the rings of a tree, which not only show the tree's age but, according to the UCAR Center for Science Education in the USA, tree rings “record evidence of disastrous floods, insect attacks, lightning strikes, and even earthquakes... they also hold excellent records of climate”.  

Transparency is one of ZeniZeni’s central operating principles and is also needed for the financial sector to be sustainable, which is why we wanted to bring it into the name of the organisation and the logo. 

We hope that you love the symbolism of the logo and the name ‘ZeniZeni’ as much as we do! 

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