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Climate risk information for financial sector decision-makers in Africa: gaps and opportunities

Malango Mughogho has authored a new working paper for CDKN (Climate and Development Knowledge Network) on the role of the financial sector in addressing gaps in climate risk information in Africa.

The paper "was developed as a resource for financial sector decision-makers in Africa. It aims to explore the extent to which financial sector decision-makers are considering climate risk information to support robust financial decisions that enhance effective responses to climate change."

"Financial sector decision-makers are increasingly concerned with the impact of climate change on financial sector stability and individual financial institutions. At the same time, they are aware of the important role that the sector can play in achieving positive climate outcomes, particularly in Africa, where climate impacts are likely to be more significant than in other parts of the world. Given that there is only a nascent understanding of how climate risk is transferred to the financial sector,

...ensuring that climate risk information is available, and fully and effectively incorporated into financial sector decisions, should be an important policy objective."

View the paper by clicking the cover image above.

The paper is also available to view offline in .PDF here:

Working paper_Climate Risk
Download PDF • 4.95MB


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