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Africa Climate Summit: Continent’s opportunity to advance climate leadership, amplify influence

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"The Africa Climate Summit, holding in Nairobi, Kenya, from September 4 to 6, 2023, is being billed as a major opportunity to push the links between clean energy and development across the continent."

Enviro News Nigeria called on Dr. Magalie Masamba, Senior Associate in Development Finance at ZeniZeni Sustainable Finance and Senior Fellow at African Debt Justice Network, to comment on the opportunities that this inaugural conference brings.

“African leaders and their financiers hold the key to unlock the potential impacts of climate finance. They have the shared responsibility to ensure that climate financing is adequate; fit-for-purpose and delivers tangible outcomes for African citizens. African leaders in particular need to advocate for additional funding and only accepting sovereign climate finance on concessionary or grant terms, by integrating adaptation considerations into all sovereign financing that they negotiate to lower the overall cost of funding, and finally, by building capacity in their public financial management systems so that the needed impacts are delivered.”

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